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This is something that an overwhelming 86% percent of people agree on. Such a big number in fact, that people from both sides of the political spectrum, both republicans and democrats, must agree on this one point.

So why are we letting them saunter about as so, corrupting our politicians like a drug dealer bringing a drug addict to a heroine flavored cocaine store?

This is why I have signed up with the cleverly named Wolf PAC, to create a 28th Constitutional Amendment that states

"Corporations are not people. They have none of the Constitutional rights of human beings. Corporations are not allowed to give money to any politician, directly or indirectly. No politician can raise over $100 from any person or entity.  All elections must be publicly financed."

In my time as a person, and through my observations of the ridiculousness that is American Politics, I believe this idea that an amoral corporation, a faceless, emotionless mass of profit margin, who’s unequaled bribery powers tower over any common person’s wallet, can walk in and buy the people who are supposed to be representing the common man, as something that will ultimately bring America to the breaking point. In many ways, it already has. I do not believe so many people would be fighting against things like free healthcare (it is only a part of human decency for goodness sake) if it weren’t for powerful lobbyists buying up our politician’s opinions.

In leue of a constitutional amendment through the deeply corrupt congress, we must create a constitutional convention. This requires 2/3 of the state to be in favor. So we need every one of you to get involved. Any way you can help is much appreciated. I’m just a college kid with absolutely no resources except my fingers and a blog. If you have a car, just imagine the things you could do!

So if there is one thing I believe in, it is this. Believe with me.

Join the Wolf PAC. We hunt sparkly vampires on Tuesdays, and Dick Cheney on Wednesdays.

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